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Don’t neglect breast cancer symptoms, NHS warns older women
22 March 2012

Older women in Barnsley are being warned not to ignore symptoms of breast cancer following latest statistics that show roughly a third of the borough’s women diagnosed with the disease were aged over 70.

NHS Barnsley working with the North Trent Cancer Network has issued the reminder as part of a local campaign intended to encourage earlier diagnosis through raising awareness of signs and symptoms.

Local GPs and pharmacists are backing the project by displaying posters and giving away special packs outlining common signs, which include a lump or changes to the skin or nipple.

Other plans include awareness raising sessions with carers’ groups and providing information about signs and symptoms to Care Homes.

Dr Renu Bindra, Consultant in Public Health Medicine for NHS Barnsley said, “As women age the risk of developing breast cancer increases. Recognising a lump or anything different about your nipples or the skin may not seem like a priority but you should continue to check regularly and go to your doctor as soon as possible if there is a change. The sooner symptoms are spotted, the more likely you are to get successful treatment or the peace of mind that everything is fine. When breast cancer is detected early it is more treatable and finding it could save your life.”

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